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About Us

At Tidal Wave Wash Supply Inc. manufacture a complete , wide-range of superior, highly-concentrated wash products. From the latest silicone and polymer technologies, rinsing additives, surfactants and cleaning technology, bold, bright colors and fragrances…to  basic, effective and low-cost per car systems –  we excel in producing clean, dry and sparkling cars  at the lowest possible cost per car.

We offer a complete line of products for all types of vehicle washes, including full and automatic washes, self-service, automatic, truck washes and bus washes and detail centers.

Since 1998, Tidal Wave Wash Supply Inc. has been formulating and manufacturing car wash cleaning products. We have developed a wide range of products to optimize your wash process allowing you to produce clean, dry and shiny vehicles — and happy customers –both efficiently and economically.

We are not just another soap manufacturer. We work directly with our customers to determine the correct product for each specific wash location. We have hands-on car wash experience, we understand the equipment and processes and we know how to achieve superior results and how to lower your costs per car.

And, we ensure that you are happy with the results!

We Have All The Products That Your Car Wash Needs

Foaming Cleaners and Detergents
Wheel Cleaners
Tri-Color Conditioners
Tri-Color Protectants
Clear Coat Protectants
Carnauba Waxes

Volcano Juice
Tire Dressings
Bug Off
Prep Soaps
All-Purpose Cleaners
Glass Cleaners
Carpet Shampoos
Air Fresheners
Wall Cleaners
Laundry Detergents

We Supply All Car Washes

In-Bay Automatic
Truck Wash
Bus Wash

We Are Car Wash Experts

If you are looking for the latest in bold colors, vibrant fragrances, long-lasting “real” protectants, rain repellents, rinsing and drying aids, the best cleaners available in the industry…or,  you are simply aiming at the lowest possible cost per car with great results, Tidal Wave Wash Supply Inc. comes through every time.

Make a Big Splash with Tidal Wave!

Tidal Wave Wash Supply Inc