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2X Industrial Cleaner Special


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Product Details

This product is a regulated (Corrosive -8) product, and can only be shipped
when ordering a total shipment of 200 lbs or more of any mix of products.

Technical Data Sheet – 2X Industrial Cleaner Special

Tidal Wave’s 2X Industrial Cleaner Special is a powerful water-based alkaline detergent developed for use wherever the most extreme cleaning is required.It is MARPOL Annex V compliant for marine and oil rig use, as well as tank cleaning and general degreasing. It is formulated with a blend of advanced surfactants to be effective on tough grease, grime and fine particulate matter.

Highly-effective on:

Commercial smoke houses Hydraulic systems
Industrial cleaning Petcoke and carbon
Heavy grease, oil and bunker

Concrete Cleaning

Diesel soot

Tank and process vats

Boosting other cleaners in multi-port injection systems

Very low foaming!

Hard water tolerant!

2X Industrial Cleaner can be applied at high or low pressure.The best economy is achieved by applying a pre-diluted mixture directly to areas to be cleaned, followed by high-pressure water.Allow to soak, but do not allow to dry before rinsing. Excellent on heavy grease such as elevator shafts, heavy equipment, hydraulic systems, fuel oil transfer stations and oil field equipment.

Product Form: Liquid

Product Appearance: Clear to amber

pH: 13.5

Foam: Low

Foam Color: White


Weight N/A

5 Gallons, 15 Gallons, 30 Gallons, 55 Gallons