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Blast Off! Drying Agent 


Product Details

Technical Data Sheet – TW5014

Tidal Wave’s Blast Off! Drying Agent is a high-quality, ultra-concentrated automatic and tunnel drying agent for high-volume washes. Tidal Wave waxes use a dual-action to repel water from the surface of the car; they contain cationic surfactants to leave a positive charge on the surface, as well as hydrophobic compounds that repel water. This synergy leaves a water-repellent layer that results in improved drying and shine at very high dilutions and low cost per car.

Blast Off! Drying Agent can be used in any wax or drying agent application at a full-service, exterior, tunnel, automatic or hybrid car wash, and can be applied at either high or low-pressure.

In tunnel and automatic washes, Blast Off! Drying Agent is an excellent foam killer. Residual soap, foam and conditioners are quickly de-foamed and carried away with the wax and water. Basic low-pressure application can include fan spray nozzles, k nozzles or k sticks, rain bars or waterfall arches.

Regardless of the application method, Blast Off! Drying Agent produces excellent beading and drying.

Product Form: Liquid

Product Appearance: Amber

pH: 7


Weight N/A

5 Gallons, 15 Gallons, 30 Gallons, 55 Gallons