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Bug and Tar Remover


Product Details

Tidal Wave’s Bug & Tar Remover with Bubble Gum (Fragrance) is a safe, non-flammable solvent-based cleaner for removing tar, asphalt, gum, bugs, tree sap, adhesive, paint overspray, grease and driveway sealers from the interior and exterior of vehicles. Its pleasant bubble gum scent allows its use on vehicle interiors. Industrial uses include: removing forklift tire marks from epoxy floors, fuel and oil transfer stations, tank and vat cleaning; environmental cleanup of oil-based paint, heavy oil and grease spills.

Tidal Wave‘s Bug & Tar Remover contains solvents and detergents allowing quick penetration into and under dried and hardened deposits for quick removal.

Technical Data Sheet – TW4013

Weight N/A

5 Gallons, 15 Gallons, 30 Gallons, 55 Gallons