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Cherry Foaming Wax


Product Details

Technical Data Sheet – TW5001


Tidal Wave’s Cherry Foaming Wax is a high-quality, self-serve wax and an automatic and tunnel drying agent with a pleasant citrus scent. It has a milky appearance on application that is visible to the customer. Tidal Wave waxes use a dual-action to repel water from the surface of the car; they contain cationic surfactants to leave a positive charge on the surface, as well as hydrophobic compounds that repel water. This synergy leaves a water-repellent layer that results in improved drying and shine

Cherry Foaming Wax can be used in any wax application at a self-service, full-service, exterior, tunnel, automatic or hybrid car wash, and can be applied at either high or low-pressure.

In tunnel and automatic washes, Cherry Foaming Wax is an excellent foam killer. Residual soap, foam and conditioners are quickly de-foamed and carried away with the wax and water. Basic low-pressure application can include fan spray nozzles, k nozzles or k sticks, rain bars or waterfall arches.

Cherry Foaming Wax can also be applied at low-pressure combined with air through a foam generator and applied through fan spray nozzles, k nozzles or k sticks. This produces a fine, milky white foam, quickly dissipating into a liquid wax. Your customers will see it, and enjoy the pleasant fragrance. High-pressure application in touch-free automatic washes results in superior drying at very high final dilutions and at a low cost per car.

In self-service high-pressure applications, Cherry Foaming Wax appears milky white for a few seconds near the impact area.Your customers see it and they will smell the pleasant fragrance making them feel confident that they are getting a good value! This product creates excellent beading on the glass and the vehicle body. A final rinse is not required.

In self-service low-pressure applications, air can be injected into the line to cause an additional foamy and milky look. These fine bubbles quickly break down into a liquid wax product, draining and carrying away all remaining water with it. Cherry Foaming Wax creates excellent beading on glass and vehicle body. A final rinse is not required.

Regardless of the application method, Cherry Foaming Wax produces excellent beading and drying.

Product Form: Liquid

Product Appearance: Blue

pH: 7

Fragrance: Cherry


Weight N/A

5 Gallons, 15 Gallons, 30 Gallons, 55 Gallons